How To Create A Fire Escape Plan For Your Home

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How To Create A Fire Escape Plan For Your Home

Every family needs to create a fire escape plan for their home. It is important that everyone knows where to escape, how to find each other and what to do if there is a fire.

Floor Plan

The first step in creating a fire escape plan is to create a floor plan of your home. This will allow you and your family to see all possible escape routes at a glance. Identify at least two ways out of each room. Also, mark where each smoke alarm is located. It’s also a good idea to assign one family member to assist a child, elderly person or disabled family member during an evacuation. Make sure the assigned person has a backup in case he or she is not available at the time of the fire. In addition, practice your escape plan regularly (at least twice a year). This will help actions become automatic and ensure everyone is ready to follow the plan if a fire occurs.

Escape Ladders

One of the most important items in a home’s fire escape plan is a ladder. Ladders provide an alternative to stairs for getting out of upper-level rooms and can significantly increase the chances that family members will survive a house fire. In addition to being easy to store and tangle-free, residential fire escape ladders are lightweight and compact. They can easily fit into a closet or under a bed, making them easy to access in the event of a fire. Some ladders also feature standoffs, which hold the rungs slightly off of the side of the house so that users can more easily place their feet on each rung and avoid falling. This makes it easier to climb out of a window and keeps the ladder from swinging or slipping around during a fire.

Outside Meeting Place

When setting up a fire escape plan for your home, make sure you have a safe meeting place outside your house. This can be a tree, mailbox, basketball goal or other spot that is a safe distance away from the house where everyone can meet after they have escaped. This is important so that emergency responders know where you are and can help you out as quickly as possible. Remember, you may have less than two minutes to escape if the smoke alarm sounds!

Important Documents

When making an escape plan for your home, it’s important that you have all of your important documents in order. From your credit card numbers to your tax information, you need these documents in case your family needs to flee the house with nothing but what you can carry. These important documents should include insurance policies and any other necessary legal paperwork that you might need to file when evacuating from your house. It’s also important that you have all of your phone numbers, addresses and social media accounts. You need these to contact friends and family as quickly as possible in the event that you need them to assist you in escaping your home.

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