Exit Signs in Longview, TX

Acting appropriately in the event of a fire situation can save lives. In addition to providing you with fire extinguishers and suppression systems, Anchor Safety Inc. also deals in a diverse range of emergency and exit signs in Longview, TX. We help you make sure your facilities are well-equipped to provide direction in the event of a fire.

Exit Signage

Exit Signs

Our scope of products includes classic orange exit signs, as well as exit signs equipped with flashing lights. Lit signs come complete with battery backups. We also stock batteries and backup bulbs for all of the products we sell, so you’re always prepared.

Our flashing signage is particularly important in facilities, as it provides a visual response in the event of an emergency. For those with hearing impairments, ear protection or other obstructions that may prevent them from hearing an alarm, flashing lights provide life-saving direction.

Warning & Emergency Signs

We stock a wide range of fire and emergency safety signs in Longview, TX that encompass just about any warning you may need to provide. From flammable warning signs to combustible stickers, extinguisher markers to exit directions, our signage is designed to provide clean and present information that can prevent catastrophic accidents.

Please note we do not carry MSDS signage of any type.

Signage Installation

When you buy exit and emergency signage from Anchor Safety Inc., we’re pleased to provide you with installation. Our experts will identify areas of your facilities where signage may be important and can install the appropriate messaging to ensure optimal safety. We can also help to connect exit signs and lights to legacy fire systems.

Contact us today at 903-759-5068 for more information about our selection of exit signs and emergency signage or to inquire about having your facilities evaluated for proper signage placement. We’re happy to provide on-site inspections for facilities throughout Longview, Gregg County, Harrison County, Lakeport, and Judson, TX. We also offer paint booth fire protection, fire extinguisher sales, and more!