How Does a Standard Response Fire Sprinkler Work?

November 26, 2018 5:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Standard response fire sprinkler heads are the ideal choice for commercial or industrial facilities, including factories and warehouses as well as your more conventional office buildings and high-rises. These sprinkler heads are specifically designed to set off individually to prevent causing water damage when there is not any fire present in that particular area. These sprinklers do not activate as quickly as other types of sprinklers, such as the quick response sprinklers. They require the heat from a fire to reach a much higher temperature before the liquid found inside the bulb begins to expand, causing the glass to break... View Article

Why Do I Need a Fire Sprinkler System in My Building?

November 12, 2018 5:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A fire suppression system is one of the most important safety features you could possibly have in your facility. This system is made up of your sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, exit lights and fire alarms, all of which must be in excellent operational condition at all times to ensure the safety of all people inside the facility. Why exactly do you need a fire suppression system in Longview, TX? Here are just a few examples of some of the benefits of having those systems in place, and reasons why you would never want to be caught without one: They’re relatively... View Article