Everything You Need to Know About Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

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What are clean agent fire suppression systems? The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) classifies clean agents as extinguishants that don’t produce leftover residue after evaporation. Clean agents may either be electrically nonconductive, volatile or gaseous and are great at combating Class A, B and C fires. Many people prefer waterless fire systems, like clean agents, as they prevent sprinkler systems from damaging valuable property. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about clean agent fire suppression systems. Benefits of clean agent fire suppression systems There are many benefits of waterless fire suppression systems, no matter which type you choose.... View Article

Emergency Safety Signs and Lighting

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No matter where you work, it’s paramount to invest in the right emergency safety signs and lighting. Emergency lighting and safety signs can help turn a chaotic situation into a safe and manageable one. If your building doesn’t already have these essential safety measures, invest in emergency sign installation right away. Doing so can help you and everyone else in the building avoid serious injury in the event of an emergency. Below, we cover everything you need to know about emergency signs and lighting. Use the information to help you find the perfect emergency safety signs and lighting for your... View Article