Fire Suppression Systems in Longview, TX

In restaurants, commercial kitchens and other settings where the potential for fire is ever-present, it’s crucial to have fully-functional automatic fire suppression systems in Longview, Gregg County, Harrison County, Lakeport, and Judson, TX. Anchor Safety Inc. provides commercial customers with access to some of the very best fire suppression systems on the market, tailored around the specific needs of your environment. Our aim is to give you peace of mind at all times.

Name Brand Systems

We set a gold standard when it comes to helping customers select the right fire protection system in Longview, TX. Because we rely on only proven, trusted name brands, you’re guaranteed a system that’s always up for the task of protecting your facilities. We sell, service and install:

Tailored System Installation

The needs of automatic fire suppression systems in facilities can vary greatly. Your system needs to be adapted to meet these needs, to prevent the threat of an uncontrolled fire from developing. Anchor Safety Inc. works to deliver every customer the right suppression installation, based on a thorough inspection of your facilities. We’ll pair you with a system that contains all of the critical features and agents necessary for stopping fire in its tracks, including:

  • Hood fire suppression systems
  • Vent-a-Hoods
  • Class K agents
Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

System Service and Inspection

If you already have a fire suppression system installed, it’s paramount to have it serviced and inspected routinely. Our crew is up for the task and will make sure absolutely everything is in order, verified to be working and in good condition. We can also recommend improvements or updates as needed, to keep you up to code and in line with modern developments in fire safety.

For information about our automatic fire suppression systems and clean agent options or to inquire about inspection and service for your existing system, contact us today at 903-759-5068. We also sell exit signs!