The Main Fire Extinguisher Types in Longview, TX

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Because fire extinguishers come in a variety of sizes, it’s fairly easy to find one that fits your needs. For instance, while a standard-size fire extinguisher is easy enough to store in a big business building, you might want a slimmer, easier-to-store fire extinguisher for home safety. It’s smart to keep an fire extinguisher in your home or business, but you need to make sure you have the right type of fire extinguisher on hand. Different fire extinguishers are designed differently to put out common fires in household or business settings. There are eight main fire extinguisher types in Longview,... View Article

How to Put Out a Grease Fire

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No matter how careful you are while cooking, there is always a chance for fires. Quick action when a fire is still small and manageable can prevent an even bigger, more destructive fire. Although a fire extinguisher should be the last resort to put out a grease fire, it’s a good idea to have a grease fire extinguisher in Longview, TX stored in or near your indoor or outdoor kitchen space. (We’ll get to this shortly.) First, let’s find out how to put out a grease fire the right way. Grease fires that start on the stovetop can send flames... View Article