The Benefits of LED Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting

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Many commercial structures will require the installation of exit signs and emergency lights. Choosing these lights and signs carefully will be an essential part of the construction budget. These lights and signs are also a crucial part of your safety plan for the structure. This quick guide will provide information on the benefits of LED exit signs and emergency lights. 

Why Exit Signs Are So Important

Structures such as stores, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, churches, and others are required to adhere to certain safety protocols inside a structure. These types of buildings usually see a lot of traffic in and out. This makes it very important to have safety plans to keep occupants and patrons safe.

Exit signs play a big part in these safety protocols. Failing to comply with these protocols can result in fines and other consequences. If exit signs and emergency lighting are not installed and maintained properly, you could be held liable for any injuries that are a result.

Why Choose LED Exit Lights

To decrease the chance of injuries, it is crucial that proper exit lights are installed. LED exit lights provide a maintenance-free emergency lighting option. Most LED exit lights will meet the safety regulations that are set in place by federal laws.  

LED exit signs will not require changing light bulbs like traditional signs. This eliminates the risk of human error in exit sign maintenance. Exit signs must stay running at all times to comply with safety regulations.

When you use an LED exit sign, you can rest assured that the light is always running as it should.

Another benefit is that LED lights consume less energy than traditional light bulbs. This has double the benefits. On one hand, it saves you money on monthly energy bills; on the other hand, it is also better for the environment.

If your organization is committed to more sustainable practices, installing LED exit signs is one way you can work toward this goal.  

 Where Should Exit Signs Be Located?

Not only should exit signs be obviously located on exit doors, but they should also be used to lead occupants to exit doors. If a structure has extensive interior doors, the exit signs will be placed in a way to guide occupants outside in the event of an emergency.

Final Thoughts

LED exit signs and emergency lighting are a perfect way to save money on energy expenses, stay compliant with safety regulations, and work toward a more sustainable organization. If you are ready to upgrade your emergency lighting, reach out to local safety professionals. They can help you evaluate the structure’s safety needs, and make recommendations that will bring the site up to safety codes in the area. They can also recommend products to help you achieve your safety goals within budget.

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