The Difference Between Normal and Grease Fires

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Fires are never something we expect, but they are something we should always be prepared for and ready to handle whenever we safely can. Sometimes, our quick reaction can prevent smoking oil or grease from becoming a potentially deadly fire. In the kitchen, the usual suspects are grease fires and oil-based fires. 

The difference is understanding the difference between normal fires and grease fires, and more importantly, how to put out grease fire or oil-based fire situations. When it comes to grease fires versus normal fires, the most important thing to remember is that water will not work. Adding water to a grease fire will actually add fuel and promote the fire’s spread.

How To Put Out Grease Fires

It is around 400 degrees (a little lower or a little higher depending on the type of oil) when grease and oil can reach a tedious point of ignition. The key to remember is when you see smoke coming from your pan, oil or grease at this point is treacherously close to catching fire.

If you can get to the smoking pan or catch the fire at its onset, you have an opportunity to safely contain and extinguish it. Like almost every fire, grease fires require oxygen. The first step is to turn off the heat and cover the pot or pan with a lid or large plate.

If the fire or smoke continues to intensify or doesn’t immediately subside, you will need to use your Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher. Today, these fire extinguishers are made for kitchens, with many compact versions being small enough to store in a nearby cupboard.

Make sure everyone is out of the kitchen at the first sign of a problem, and have someone call the fire department. Even if you safely and effectively contain and extinguish the fire — what if you didn’t? And you may need a report to file for any potential damages and or repairs that the smoke or fire could have caused.

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