How Often Should You Test Your Fire Extinguisher?

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There are many things in life we never hope we have to count on, but when we do, we sure are glad they are there — and they work. From the brakes on our vehicles to battery radios and fire extinguishers, these are potentially life-saving everyday things we never think about, but we should. And the same reason we should get regular fire extinguisher inspection services is the same reason we should get our brakes checked and test our batteries. 

The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services

The picture isn’t difficult to imagine. That small trash can fire, or smoking cushion is the alarm. Thankfully, all we have to do is reach for our fire extinguisher to prevent a scary and troublesome situation from becoming a potentially deadly one. That is precisely when we also might realize the importance of a fire extinguisher inspection regardless of what happens next.

Hopefully, everything works, like our breaks and the batteries, when that storm hits. The question is when to get a fire extinguisher inspection to prevent or at least minimize the chances of a bad situation becoming worse.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Schedule

Here are the standard schedule and guidelines for when to get a fire extinguisher inspection, and the type of inspection used to ensure your fire extinguisher works when you need it most.

Visual Inspections

You should visually inspect your fire extinguisher once a month. If any damage, markings, or other concerns are noticed, you should have your fire extinguisher professionally inspected as soon as possible.

Maintenance Inspections

You should have a maintenance inspection performed on your fire extinguisher annually. This will ensure all the working components, gauges, and inspection tags are kept up to date.

Internal Maintenance Inspections

These thorough inspections should be performed every 5, 6, or 12 years, depending on your specific type of fire extinguisher. 

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