How To Choose the Right Fire Alarm System for Your Home or Business

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Are you looking to upgrade the fire protection plan that you currently have for your business? If this sounds like you, you need to first find out about the different fire alarm systems available. Fire alarms serve one purpose: to protect your assets from fires that can cause great devastation. They can detect smoke, heat, or any other sign that there is an active fire in your business.

Choosing the Right Fire Alarm System for Your Company or Home

Here are some ways to ensure fire safety within your home or business. There are several things to consider when picking the right fire alarm system.

Chat With an Expert

It can be extremely helpful to chat with a fire alarm expert. This is because everyone’s needs and situations are going to vary. You will have excellent protection and security if you have a good working fire alarm system. A system that is well-installed and designed has the ability to alert you and the company to monitor the alarm immediately. Consider the size, location, industry, and different features when considering an alarm system.

Manual or Automatic System?

You need to consider whether you would benefit more from a manual or automatic system. Manual systems require an actual person to activate the fire alarm in certain areas. Automatic systems are the total opposite and will alert the monitoring provider the second a fire or smoke is detected.

Addressable Systems

Addressable fire alarm systems are placed in certain sections and have their very own fire alarm. They are also connected to the main panel. This system will enable you to view exactly what alarm was triggered and the area it was in. It also allows you to contact fire responders and inform them of the area that needs to be prioritized first.

Conventional Systems

Conventional systems have many similarities to addressable fire alarms. They have the ability to call everything in the automatic or manual classification. Conventional systems can section the business into certain zones. Every zone will have a fire alarm system installed, which is also connected to the main panel.

Expanded Systems

Depending on the fire alarm system, you may be able to add expanded options that allow you to customize the system to meet the demands of the business. These expanded options include ventilation, sprinklers, and containment systems.

How To Choose the Right Fire Protection Company

When searching for a fire protection company, here are the things you should look for:

  • Certifications – If you are considering working with a specialist, they should be certified and have at least five to six years of experience in this field.
  • Safety ratings – A fire alarm company that is not reputable will put your business at risk. You can reduce this risk by visiting the OSHA 300A records of the company for the past several years.
  • Services offered – Fire alarm companies should provide different services, including repairs and maintenance, monitoring, and installation.

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