What is the leading cause of fires in restaurants?

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Fire is a very real concern in any kitchen. In restaurant kitchens, it can risk not only lives but also the building itself. There are a few different causes of fires that we can all be aware of. There are some causes that are more common than others, and knowing what the number one cause of restaurant fires is can really make a difference.

What Is the Number One Cause of Restaurant Fires?

Fires in a commercial kitchen can start anywhere. What might not seem like a hazard can bring on a fire that totals the building and causes major damage. Cooking equipment is one of the biggest factors in commercial kitchen fires. These fires can be caused by deep fryers, stoves, cooking ranges, and grills. The main issue with this is that these items are either not used properly, they are left on without being attended, or they are left with food on them or in them that burns and then causes a larger fire.

Another common cause of commercial kitchen fires is the electrical distribution and the lights in the kitchen. This is far less common than fires that are caused by the cooking equipment that is in the kitchen. In many cases, even if a piece of cooking equipment is faulty, with proper supervision the issue can be caught before it causes a fire and before it causes major issues. Human error is a big part of fires involving kitchen appliances in the restaurant business.

Fire Suppression Systems

For those commercial kitchens that are concerned about fire, which should be all of them, hiring a fire safety expert to install suppression systems is a must. Suppression systems are the best way to keep your kitchen safe and prevent fires that can destroy your entire building and hurt both patrons and employees. The right suppression systems are going to vary depending on the size of the building and a great fire safety expert can help ensure everyone in your restaurant is safe.

Suppression systems include sprinklers, fire alarms to help alert people that there is a fire, and fire extinguishers for smaller fires that can be managed with a canister. It is always best to hire a professional that knows what they need to do to make your building safe and to help you ensure that your restaurant is going to survive a fire, even if one does break out in your kitchen.

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