5 Leading Causes of House Fires

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House fires can occur when you are not expecting them to and can progress quickly, turning something minor into something immediately dangerous for everyone. House fires can be destructive, leading to property damage that can cost you a fortune. When dealing with an open flame, you should always take the proper precautions. Read on further to learn about some of the most common causes of house fires.

Common Causes of House Fires

Fire extinguishers should be within your possession. They can help suppress a house fire pretty quickly if they are contained in one area. Here are five common causes of house fires.


This is the leading cause of house fires. It is also the leading cause of injuries related to a house fire and the second leading cause of deaths related to house fires. This information is from the National Fire Protection Association. Grease is what can seriously ignite a house fire while cooking. This comes from your cooking oil becoming an extreme temperature. If the temperature reaches more than 375 degrees Fahrenheit, the oil will begin to smoke and turn into a fire.


Portable heaters are the second leading cause of house fires and house fire-related injuries. They result in many fires because homeowners fail to follow the guidelines when using them. There are certain restrictions and instructions that are located on the handy label on space heaters that everyone should pay attention to. These are actual requirements that, if not used correctly, can result in a fire. They could easily be prevented by not leaving the space heater next to a bare wall or furniture.

Electrical Fires

A large portion of house fires is the result of electrical outlets that stopped functioning properly or have faulty wiring. To avoid this potential problem, consider having your home inspected before you purchase it. Additionally, you should have frequent inspections scheduled to make sure your electrical systems are safe to operate.


The leading causes of death in house fires are cigars, pipes, and cigarettes. This is mainly the cause of several reasons. Lit materials are small and are easy to place somewhere and forget about. Additionally, there have been incidents where smokers have fallen asleep, only to have the lit material fall on the floor and catch fire. The best thing to do is smoke outside and never leave a cigar or cigarette unattended. If you do smoke indoors, make sure you do so on furniture that is not flammable.


Everyone loves candles. Candles are used for a lot of things, including relaxation, birthdays, and much more. However, you should remember that they are considered an open flame. They can start house fires if left unattended and or if left burning too long. You should always keep candles away from flammable materials while they are lit.

Remember, fire suppression is important, and fire safety should be a priority in your household. Even though these are some of the most common causes of fires, they can also be easily prevented.  

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