Summer Fire Safety Tips 2022

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When it comes to fire safety, having some knowledge of fire suppression is just one part of being prepared. Summer is a wonderful time of year, but it is also the season when it is most important to follow basic safety tips. 

Safe grilling tips

Backyard grilling is a popular summer pastime, and many summer events revolve around cooking out on the grill. Grills can be dangerous if they are left unattended or not used properly. But, with these basic tips, you can minimize the chance of fire while keeping everyone happily fed!

  • Be sure that all your fire-starting items like lighter fluid and charcoal are kept well away from the grill or any other open flame. 
  • Don’t let grease build up on your grill. A clean grill is a safe grill!
  • Grills are meant for outside use only. Never take your grill inside and light it!
  • Position your grill at least three feet away from your house or any other structure. And, be sure to keep pets and kids away from the area when the grill is in use.
  • Be sure to follow any manufacturer guidelines when using your grill. This includes having the lid open when you light the grill and not overloading the charcoal or starter fluid. 

There’s just something about food cooked on the grill that tastes so much better! Follow these straightforward tips and your summer cookouts will be both delicious and safe. 

General summer fire safety tips

When enjoying fireworks, be sure to avoid lighting off your own. Leave the fireworks to the professionals, and go to the public fireworks shows in your area — especially if you live in an arid region. Fireworks can be dangerous in many different ways. In addition to the fire hazards they present, they can also cause serious physical injury.

Another essential part of staying fire safe in summer is responsibly managing campfires and fire pits. As backyard fires become more popular, so too does the need for active fire safety. Fire safety is important at home, not just when you are out camping.

All campfires, backyard fires, or fire pits should be fully extinguished after use. This means throwing dirt or water on the fire. Smoldering embers can reignite, which could mean that there is an unattended fire that could possibly get out of hand. Be sure that your fire is completely out before leaving the area. 

Fire can be very damaging, and proper oversight is always important. Do not be careless with fire just because you use them all the time, no matter how familiar you may be.

Summer is a favorite time of year for many great reasons. There are family get-togethers, outings into nature, and a lot more to look forward to. Practice these summer fire safety tips, and you will have a blast!

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