UTV Fire Safety Tips

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One of the best ways to spend your weekend is taking a recreational drive with your UTV, also known as a side-by-side vehicle. Most UTVs are at significant risk of catching fire, thus imposing danger to people in the surrounding environment.

Luckily, with UTV fire extinguishers, you can at least salvage your UTV from complete fire destruction. However, if your UTV catches fire, it is highly advisable to get out immediately before finding a solution to save your investment.

UTV Fire Extinguishers

UTV fire extinguishers are meant to protect your UTV from severe damage that might be caused by fire. Your UTV needs to be equipped with a fire extinguisher that perfectly fits your UTV.

While choosing the best fire extinguisher for your UTV, there are various features that you should consider for your adventurous off-road trips. Here are some factors to consider for your UTV fire extinguisher:

  • Size and weight: Fire extinguishers come in different shapes, sizes and volumes. When choosing a fire extinguisher for your UTV, you should make sure it fits on your machine safely without adding more weight to it. 
  • Type of color: A UTV fire extinguisher should contain a conspicuous color that can easily be identified in an emergency. 
  • Price: While choosing a suitable fire extinguisher for your UTV, it is advisable not to purchase the cheapest one. It would be best to buy a UTV fire extinguisher based on quality and durability, not price.
  • Rechargeability: Some UTV fire extinguishers are rechargeable, so they can be recharged if they discharge or lose pressure over time. It is recommended you purchase a rechargeable fire extinguisher to avoid buying a new one. 

ABC Fire Extinguisher

Since a UTV consists of flammable liquids, such as oil and gas, it requires an ABC fire extinguisher in case an emergency occurs. An ABC fire extinguisher is designed to put out fires from ordinary combustible materials or products.

ABC fire extinguishers are grouped into three classes: the A-class, which puts out fires from wood and leaves; group B, which puts out fires from flammable liquids such as oil and gas, and class C, which puts out fires from electrical materials. 

The efficient products contained in an ABC fire extinguisher make it the best fire extinguisher for your UTV since it can put out all fires associated with an off-road vehicle. 

Before mounting an ABC fire extinguisher in your UTV, it is highly advisable to learn and understand the critical steps to use it properly if an emergency occurs. An ABC fire extinguisher helps ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Do You Need a Fire Extinguisher for Your UTV?

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