Fire Extinguisher Recharging and Upkeep

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Your home’s safety is of utmost importance, and one of the best ways to keep your home safe is to be prepared for any possible emergency. Fires are a sadly common event and can be caused by an assortment of accidents. Some of the most common causes of home fires include cooking-related accidents such as grease fires, electrical shorts, chemical fires, appliances, and space heaters during the colder parts of the year.

Having fire extinguishers around your home can help you control small fires before they become larger and a far more dangerous issue. Fire extinguishers should be kept in places in the home where fires commonly break out. These rooms can include your kitchen, laundry room, personal workshop, and garage. However, even fire extinguishers need proper maintenance.

Fire Extinguisher Recharging FAQ

How do I use a Fire Extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher is an easy-to-use device provided you keep calm when using it to put out a fire. Simply pull the pin, aim the nozzle of the fire extinguisher towards the base of the fire you are looking to put out, squeeze the trigger to start spraying, and sweep back and forth to extinguish the flames.

Can I Recharge My Fire Extinguisher?

Part of proper fire extinguisher maintenance is regular recharging. The last thing you want is your fire extinguisher to run low (or become empty) when you need it most. You should have your fire extinguishers professionally recharged after every use, regularly, or if there has been damage. In general, you should have fire extinguishers recharged once a year even if they have sat undisturbed.

Fire Protection Company

When you need your fire extinguishers recharged, you should always trust a professional. A certified seller or fire maintenance expert has the tools and expertise to safely recharge your fire extinguishers. If you are unsure if your extinguishers need charging, check the label as it can tell you if enough time has passed to require professional attention and servicing. In addition to recharging, a professional can inspect your home’s extinguishers to verify that they are still in good working order. Issues such as a loss of pressure, corrosion, physical damage, and simply expiring due to age can cause a fire extinguisher to need replacing or servicing. Remember even if your extinguishers have been carefully stored and unused, issues can still occur. A professional can help keep your extinguishers in top working order for when you need them most.

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