Emergency Safety Signs and Lighting

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No matter where you work, it’s paramount to invest in the right emergency safety signs and lighting. Emergency lighting and safety signs can help turn a chaotic situation into a safe and manageable one. If your building doesn’t already have these essential safety measures, invest in emergency sign installation right away. Doing so can help you and everyone else in the building avoid serious injury in the event of an emergency.

Below, we cover everything you need to know about emergency signs and lighting. Use the information to help you find the perfect emergency safety signs and lighting for your needs.

The ins and outs of emergency lighting

Emergency lights will be there if the power goes out. Navigating through hallways (even familiar ones) is usually difficult and dangerous in the dark. Avoid serious injury by installing a few well-placed emergency lights. The best places for emergency lights usually include hallways and stairwells.

Emergency lights are supposed to stay on for a minimum of 90 minutes. After that, they’ll dim and eventually turn off. This should be enough time for everyone to safely leave the building until the power comes back on.

Check local codes to see if your building requires emergency lights. Even if they aren’t a requirement, emergency lights make it much safer to work in a large building. It’s especially important to install them in high-occupancy structures, like hotels and college dormitories.

The importance of emergency safety signs

During an emergency, it can be hard for employees to remember where to go. If you have guests in the building, they may not know where to go at all. This is where emergency safety signs come in. While not required in all areas, these emergency exit signs make it possible for everyone to exit a building in an orderly fashion.

In most American buildings, these emergency safety signs feature the word “Exit” lit up in either red or green. Some cities have specific requirements when it comes to the color of these signs, so it’s important to consult with an expert before purchasing one. Always trust an expert with emergency safety sign installation instead of trying to do it on your own.

Most exit signs are made with a thermoplastic material, as it stands up well against higher temperatures. These also usually feature some form of LED illumination.

Emergency safety signs and lighting inspections

After investing in emergency safety signs and lighting installations, it’s important to have them inspected by a certified technician from time to time. For emergency lighting fixtures, it’s best to have them inspected for problems at least once a month. Be sure to also have a technician perform routine maintenance on your emergency systems.

Invest in emergency sign installation

If you’re in need of emergency safety sign installation, contact the experts at Anchor Safety Inc. We have years of experience in helping buildings meet local safety standards. Be sure to ask about the variety of emergency products we offer, and don’t forget to schedule an on-site inspection.

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