Never Use Water to Put Out a Grease Fire

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You may have heard that it’s important to avoid using water to put out a grease fire, but may not know why. In short, you should only use a Class B fire extinguisher in this situation, because water can make grease fires much worse. This is because water and oil don’t mix with one another. Instead of extinguishing the fire, water can actually cause the grease to splatter and spread, thus making the situation much worse. Many households have experienced major fire damage because homeowners made the mistake of trying to use water to extinguish a grease fire. There are much better ways to put out a grease fire, which we discuss below:

  • Use the right fire extinguisher: Every home should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. When it comes to grease fires, it’s important to use a Class B fire extinguisher. These fire extinguishers are used specifically for fires caused by combustible gases or liquids, which can include propane, butane, methane and more. Class B fire extinguishers feature “Class B” written on the label. It’s important to follow all instructions mentioned on the fire extinguisher. When using the extinguisher, be sure to keep it at a safe distance from the fire, as spraying it too close could also cause the fire to spread.
  • Pour salt and/or baking soda on the fire: If the fire is relatively small, you might be able to extinguish it with baking soda or salt. Simply pour a large amount of salt or baking soda onto the fire until it’s extinguished. It’s important to make sure you grab the right material, as certain powdery substances found in the kitchen are combustible, including sugar and flour.
  • Smother the fire: This is one of the best ways to deal with a grease fire. You can cut off the fire’s oxygen supply by placing a baking sheet or lid over it. You could also use a wet cloth or fire blanket if you have either available. The flame should eventually burn out.
  • Call the fire department: If you’ve tried the methods above and nothing seems to be working, exit your home and call 911. This should only be used as a last resort. If it’s a small fire you could easily put out yourself, use one of the methods above instead of risking your home.

Preventing grease fires

The best way to stop a grease fire is by preventing one from occurring in the first place. There are many ways you could prevent grease fires, including always paying attention while you’re cooking. If you’re cooking something with grease, try not to step away, even for a few moments. You should also be sure to cook at the recommended temperature and heat the oil slowly. Keep anything that could catch on fire away from the cooking area. Before cooking, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a working Class B fire extinguisher nearby.

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