What’s the Best Fire Extinguisher for Home Use?

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There are many reasons to purchase a fire extinguisher for your home. They can provide the ability to put out or control fires, which would give you or your family a chance to escape to safety and help minimize damage.

Fire extinguishers can also offer a quick solution to any fire. Many people panic when there’s a fire in their home, and having a fire extinguisher equipped to put out all kinds of fires (wood, trash, grease, electrical) can provide safety and security. But there are several fire extinguishers, available on the market with many different characteristics. Here is what to look for in a fire extinguisher, and the best fire extinguisher for home use in Longview, TX.

What you want in a home fire extinguisher

Before we get into the specific make and model, let’s take a look at what characteristics you’ll want in a home fire extinguisher. Keep in mind this fire extinguisher will be for general home use, and you might want something different for specific areas of your house like the garage or kitchen.

  • Class A, B and C: The best type of home fire extinguisher will be marked with the above three letters. This type of fire extinguisher uses monoammonium phosphate, which is a dry chemical that can put out trash, wood and paper fires, liquid and gas fires and energized electrical fires. Having a fire extinguisher that can cover all your bases is what you want in a home fire extinguisher.
  • Weight and size: Bigger is not always necessarily better when it comes to fire extinguishers. For home use, a five-pound canister will likely work well, as it is easier to store and wield quickly by everyone in your family if necessary. If you buy a fire extinguisher specifically for your garage, a 10-pound model might be better due to the high amount of combustibles located there.
  • Maintenance and refills: Although you hope you never have to use a fire extinguisher, having it inspected every few years could be quite helpful in the event you do. Licensed fire extinguisher inspectors can make sure your fire extinguisher is ready to go. Some fire extinguishers are designed to be refilled, and whether you want a single-use or refillable extinguisher is an option you’ll have to consider.

Best fire extinguisher for home use

The Amerex B500 fire extinguisher is the cream of the crop and is recommended by fire safety professionals. It holds five pounds of dry chemical material and is certified to put out class A, B and C fires. Reviewers found this fire extinguisher extremely durable and reliable, which is what you want in a fire extinguisher. It’s a bit more expensive than most fire extinguishers, but it has the added perk of being refillable, so you can use it multiple times if need be.

Call for an estimate today

Now that you know the best fire extinguisher for home use in Longview, TX, give us a call at Anchor Safety Inc. for a free estimate. We’re the fire safety industry experts, and our goal is to make your home or business not only compliant with the law, but also as safe as possible.

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