The Best Fire Extinguisher for Your RV, Caravan or Camper

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A mobile home, like a traditional home, should be equipped with various fire safety measures. Mobile homes are required to have smoke alarms installed, but you should consider investing in a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher too.

However, it’s important to understand that the best fire extinguisher for your home garage or kitchen wouldn’t be ideal for a mobile home, due to the differences in size and flammable material. This article will explore the best fire extinguishers for an RV, caravan or camper in Longview, TX.

Amerex B417T

This fire extinguisher has a 2.5-pound canister (which is ideal for smaller spaces) and is made by one of the leading fire extinguisher brands. It is certified for glass A, B and C fires (wood, liquid and electrical) and uses a dry chemical mixture. This is a top-notch fire extinguisher from a brand that firefighters trust.

First Alert REC 5

A more economical option, the First Alert REC 5 has a 2.5-pound canister and is certified for class B and C fires. The active ingredient is sodium bicarbonate, and its main purpose is to put out liquid and electrical fires. This fire extinguisher’s small size and included bracket and strap allow it to be mounted almost anywhere in your RV, caravan or camper.

H3R Performance HG100C

The main draw of this fire extinguisher is that its extinguishing agent, halotron 1, is designed to be non-corrosive. That means it won’t leave behind any harmful residue in the process of putting out a fire. It also does not inflict thermal shock upon any electronics. Inside your RV or camper, where you may have TVs, tablets or computers out in the open, this can be a nice perk. This fire extinguisher is compact and easy to use against class B and C fires, with the only downside being its relatively steep price point.

Buckeye 13315

This particular Buckeye fire extinguisher is immensely popular for vehicle use, as its 2.5-pound canister size and compact frame make it very portable. The parts are all made from metal, as Buckeye eschews the tendency of some other companies to use plastic parts for valves, handles and the like. Its discharge time and range, (nine seconds and 15 feet) are about equal to the similarly sized Amerex B417T model we covered above. The Buckeye 13315 comes with a high-quality metal mount and can be refilled by a professional technician.

Kidde FA110 Multipurpose A, B, C Recreational Fire Extinguisher

Kidde is one of the most highly regarded brands when it comes to fire safety, and this small fire extinguisher is equipped to handle class A, B and C fires. Its canister is small enough (2.5 pounds) to fit comfortably inside your RV, caravan or camper, and it has a rust- and impact-resistant handle. The cherry on top is the gauge located on the outside of the extinguisher that lets you know it’s charged and ready to use.

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If you own or use a mobile home in Longview, TX, it helps to know the best fire extinguishers for RVs, caravans or campers. You can’t put a price on fire safety, which is why you should call the team at Anchor Safety Inc. to ensure you’re well equipped. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to assist you with all of your fire safety needs.

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