Top Four Benefits of Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems

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While fire sprinkler systems are one of the most common fire protection methods for commercial spaces, there are some situations where other forms of fire control are more effective. Sprinklers can cause plenty of damage, especially in environments with sensitive materials like electronics. If you own a business, a clean agent fire suppression system could be a great alternative to traditional sprinklers. Here are the top four benefits of clean agent fire protection systems and how they can benefit your commercial space in Longview, TX.

They prevent water damage

One of the key benefits of clean agent fire protection systems is that no water is used. This might sound strange, since people usually associate water with putting out fires. Clean agent systems use gases or mixtures of gases to deplete oxygen levels in the air. In other words, they starve the flames and put out fires in a matter of seconds without soaking your building and its contents. This is extremely important if you have lots of items at your business that are sensitive to water, including servers, audio/visual equipment, documents and expensive machinery.

They don’t leave harmful residue on your property

Another benefit of installing clean agent fire protection at your Longview, TX business is that no residue will be left behind if a fire event occurs. These systems work quickly to put out fires, but they leave no residue that can harm your property or occupants of your building. Since there’s no residue to clean up, it minimizes disruption to the normal operations at your business.

They’re non toxic

Not all fire suppression systems are created equal when it comes to the safety of occupants in a building. While carbon dioxide suppression systems are efficient at putting out fires, they can’t be used in environments where humans are present. Carbon dioxide is dangerous to humans, so you can’t use these systems in buildings where people are around. On the other hand, clean agent systems use suppressants that are safe for people. They’re safe for use in all types of buildings, from retail stores to churches and schools.

They’re generally environmentally friendly

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly solution to put out fires, clean agent fire suppression systems are often the best choice. While there is a wide variety of clean agent fire suppression systems on the market, they’re generally eco-friendly. Systems that use hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) don’t deplete the ozone layer, and they’re safe for people and the environment. Other systems use inert gases that are also at safe concentrations for use around people. Once discharged, they return to the environment in their natural state without any harm to humans or the environment.

Take advantage of the benefits of clean agent fire protection systems and install this eco-friendly fire suppression option at your business in Longview, TX. Contact the team at Anchor Safety Inc. today to learn more about how clean agent systems give you peace of mind that your property is well protected in case of a fire event.

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