How to Put Out a Grease Fire

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Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires, and can result in serious damage in commercial kitchens, too. Grease ignites easily and can be difficult to extinguish, unless you know what to do. Grease fires are most common on Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas—but you can accidentally start a fire anytime you’re cooking with oil or grease. Here’s how to put out a grease fire in Longview, TX, and just as importantly, how to prevent them.

Putting out a grease fire

It’s good to know how to put out a grease fire before you actually have to do so. Here are the steps involved:

  • Smother the fire: Fires need air to continue burning, so the first line of defense is to remove the air source by smothering the fire. Use metal cookie sheets, bowls, baking tins or pot lids to cover the fire and put it out. It’s good practice to keep one of these items handy anytime you cook with oil, just in case.
  • Turn off the heat: Next, turn off the heat source. Excessive heat causes oil to smoke and eventually ignite, so removing the heat source will prevent the oil from igniting again.
  • Baking soda or salt: If you have baking soda or salt nearby, you can try smothering the flames by dumping these on top. Remember, only baking soda or salt—not baking powder, flour, sugar or other kitchen items. Their chemical makeup is different and may make the fire even worse.
  • Fire extinguisher: If you have a Class B fire extinguisher on hand, you can use that to smother the flames as a last resort. Do not use other types of fire extinguishers.
  • What not to do: Do not try to put grease fires out with water. Follow the tips above for safe ways to put out grease fires. Also, do not try to move the pot or pan outside, as you may sustain serious burns or spread the fire.

Most people sustain the worst injuries when they try to fight the fire themselves. If none of these steps work, call the fire department right away. Grease fires can ignite suddenly and spread quickly. If you can’t put them out, call for help and evacuate, closing the door behind you.

Preventing grease fires

There are a few ways to ensure you are less likely to experience a grease fire:

  • Never leave stoves unattended: Unattended cooking is the number one source of kitchen fires. Stay in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Stay alert: Do not cook while sleepy, under the influence of medication or while drinking.
  • Keep your stovetop clear: Remove anything that can catch fire from your stovetop and surrounding areas.
  • Remove moisture before frying: Blot excess moisture before cooking in hot oil. Never put frozen foods in hot oil.
  • Keep a lid nearby: Keep a metal pot lid, baking sheet or other tool handy to smother grease fires.

Following these tips will help improve your fire safety and make it easy to put out grease fires in Longview, TX. For fire extinguishers and more, call Anchor Safety Inc.

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