What You Need to Know About Car Fire Extinguishers

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Nobody gets behind the wheel and anticipates their vehicle catching on fire that day. However, it’s a very real possibility! In fact, nearly 190,000 vehicle fires are reported in America every year.

Car fires can happen for any number of reasons, and when they do, having a car fire extinguisher handy can make a world of difference. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about purchasing car fire extinguishers in Longview, TX.

Understanding the different types of extinguishers

It’s important to understand that all extinguishers are not the same. Fire extinguishers are categorized by the class of fires they can put out. Extinguishers with an A rating can handle class A fires, whose flames caused by combustible substances. Class B extinguishers can put out class B fires, which are caused by flammable liquids. Class C fires, which involve electrical components, must be treated with class C extinguishers.

In addition to its letter classification, all extinguishers have a number associated with them that indicates the unit’s efficiency. For example, a 2A:10B:C extinguisher can be used on all three categories of flames. The unit delivers an equivalency of five gallons of water and covers 10 square feet of flame. The “C” means the agent doesn’t conduct electricity, so it’s fine to use on an electrical fire.

What type of extinguisher is best for my vehicle?

For your everyday car, truck or SUV, we recommend purchasing a 2.5-pound ABC chemical extinguisher. These are small enough for anyone to carry and use but still powerful enough to put out any type of flame. If you have an RV, the National Fire Protection Association stipulates that each exit must have a B:C extinguisher handy.

While having a fire extinguisher in your personal vehicle is highly recommended, having one in a commercial truck or bus is required by law. A truck carrying non-hazardous materials must be equipped with an extinguisher with a rating of at least 5 B:C or two extinguishers with ratings of 4 B:C. Trucks transporting hazardous materials must carry an extinguisher with a rating of 10 B:C or more.

What should I look for in an extinguisher?

Car fire extinguishers in Longview, TX should obviously be rated to handle all three types of flames, but that’s not the only thing you need to look for. Your extinguisher should also be small enough to store in your vehicle and light enough to carry and use. A fire equipment expert should be able to direct you to the right extinguisher after seeing your vehicle.

After buying your extinguisher, make sure it’s always kept up to date. Have a professional inspect it to ensure the unit will still be effective at putting out flames.

Who sells the best fire extinguishers?

For the best car fire extinguishers in Longview, TX, be sure to visit Anchor Safety Inc. We have a huge selection of extinguishers that can meet all of your needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our products or to schedule an inspection of your current extinguisher.

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