What Is the NFPA?

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If you own a building or business, chances are you’re familiar with the NFPA. The National Fire Protection Association is “a global, non-profit organization that promotes safety standards, education, training and advocacy on fire and electrical-related hazards.” It aims to protect people from the dangers of fire and electrical hazards, and issues safety standards for owners everywhere.

The NFPA’s goal to protect people from fire hazards includes a significant amount of research and education for first responders, business owners and even electricians and engineers. By promoting high standards for safety, fewer people will be harmed by fires in North America.

NFPA standards

The NFPA has put out dozens of safety standards in Longview, TX and beyond for every conceivable commercial or residential situation. The standards range from fire extinguisher placement and inspection to how to keep people safe from static electricity shocks. Whatever kind of fire hazard you may encounter in your building, the NFPA has recommended courses of action for every possible type of fire.

In addition to safety standards, the NFPA offers signs that help first responders quickly learn what type of fire or electrical hazard they’re dealing with. The diamond-shaped sign, with red, white, blue and yellow diamonds within, is meant to display certain symbols in specific locations, depending on the kind of fire hazard most likely to occur on the premises.

Flammability hazards are placed in the red diamond, while instability or reactivity hazards go in the yellow diamond. The blue diamond designates health hazards, such as when a material has an increased combustibility risk beyond the norm. This helps first responders proceed with the appropriate safety gear to protect themselves.

Finally, the white diamond is usually blank—it’s reserved for additional risks that aren’t covered by the other categories. For example, there are currently only two symbols, which designate substances that are reactive to water or that will oxidize.

How to find out which NFPA standards apply to your building

Fire suppression and prevention is part of life as a business or building owner, so you’re probably somewhat familiar with the standards already. They are not only available on the NFPA website, but many fire prevention companies like Anchor Safety Inc. also offer assistance in ensuring your sprinklers and extinguishers are up to code. In many cases, this is the easiest way to make sure you’re in compliance.

The NFPA also offers a number of fire prevention safety training seminars. Over 9,000 volunteers donate their time to educate their local communities about fire risks and how to ensure the safety of their workers or residents. In fact, they even offer training for children with their mascot, Sparky the fire dog.

If you’re interested in making sure that your fire safety measures are up to the NFPA’s standards in Longview, TX, reach out to Anchor Safety Inc. today. Our expertise guarantees that you won’t miss any important requirements. When it comes to your health and safety, you can never be too careful—call us today to get started.

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