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If you have a paint booth in your place of business, you are likely required to install paint booth fire suppression equipment. NFPA Standard 33 and OSHA require a full system, but you may be expected to follow additional local regulations, too. Unfortunately, when you’re painting and working around solvents and other flammable materials, it just takes a single spark to produce disastrous results—especially because spray paint hangs in the air.

Read on to learn more about paint booth fire suppression systems in Longview, TX, then get in touch with the staff at Anchor Safety Inc. to have one installed in your facility.

What are paint booth fire suppression systems?

Since paint booths are full of flammable liquids and sprays, you need to be able to put out a fire before it consumes the paint booth and everything in it, then moves on to the rest of your building. That’s why the NFPA includes additional requirements for paint booths (and the facilities that house them) above the usual commercial or industrial standard. The only exception is if you only use non-flammable paints in your booth. Even then, you’ll need to have standard fire suppression tools in your facility.

Today’s paint booth fire suppression systems can detect fire at the very first spark, and will deploy a fire suppressant (often a dry chemical spray) to keep it from spreading. This is effective on Class A, B and C fires.

Systems that use a spray are able to get into all the nooks and crannies of your paint booth, which can be difficult to achieve with traditional sprinklers or fire extinguishers. Modern paint booth fire suppression in Longview, TX is designed to automatically detect the fire. At that point, the suppression chemical will deploy and an alarm will sound so workers can leave the area right away. The system then shuts down the flow of oxygen into the paint booth, which will help smother the fire.

Do I need other fire suppression equipment?

When you’re operating a commercial or industrial business, you’re required to have fire suppression according to the standards set forth by NFPA and OSHA. Having high-flow fire extinguishers next to each workstation offers an additional level of protection, especially when working around flammable chemicals. They’re designed to help quickly extinguish chemical or paint fires, ensuring if the booth fire suppression isn’t immediately effective, that the fire won’t spread.

Generally, when it comes to fire safety, you should strive to meet and exceed relevant safety standards. Because flammable paints and chemicals can lead to fires and explosion, they can be a particularly dangerous area. If there were ever a time to go above and beyond, fire prevention and suppression qualifies.

Anchor Safety Inc. is proud to offer safe and effective paint booth suppression systems in Longview, TX. We’re experts on NFPA standards and can help you get your paint booth up to code. We’re also happy to inspect, maintain or repair your fire system—call us today to get started.

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