The Main Benefits of Working with a Licensed Fire Safety Equipment Provider

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Fire safety is obviously important—who wants their building to burn down? When you’ve got a business, it’s not just your life and livelihood you’re protecting. You’re also responsible for the lives and livelihoods of your employees and customers, and for meeting state, local and federal standards of fire protection. Using the DIY approach is great sometimes, but when it comes to fire safety and prevention, working with a licensed fire safety equipment provider in Longview, TX can offer you expertise as well as the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing the job has been done right.

Anchor Safety Inc. is licensed in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. With nearly three decades in the industry, we’re trusted by homeowners and commercial clients to protect their properties. Read on to learn more!

Expertise You Can Trust

Fire safety probably isn’t the focus of your business—but that’s where we come in. We have decades of experience in helping our clients choose fire prevention systems, so we’re uniquely equipped to find solutions you might not have considered.

Licensed fire safety equipment providers don’t just sell equipment like fire alarms and extinguishers. We also can help maintain and repair your equipment, create safety plans for your specific business or building and train your team members, which is required by OSHA.

Enlisting a licensed and certified fire safety provider provides you with inspections you can trust, safety tests and regular maintenance. You should ask your provider for their suggestions regarding safety plans, emergency response, equipment maintenance and training and how simple tasks, such as taking out the trash, can greatly reduce your risk of fire.

Peace of Mind for Your Employees and Customers

When you have a plan in place, you’re also creating peace of mind. Knowing that you, your employees, your customers and of course your building are safe allows you to focus on your own area of expertise.

At Anchor Safety Inc., we have licensed professionals available who will make sure your business is totally compliant with all relevant regulations and standards. With expert installation and inspection, you can rest assured that you’ve taken all the required and recommended precautions to stay safe. We’ll also teach you and your team how to properly use the equipment so that if the need ever arises, you won’t waste precious seconds by panicking. By taking all the proper precautions, you also have the benefit of reducing potential liability, should a fire break out.

Anchor Safety Inc. is licensed in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, and we value your home’s or business’s safety. We’re proud to provide an extensive selection of fire protection products and services to our residential and commercial clients, including creating safety plans and maintaining or repairing your existing fire safety systems. We’ve got decades of industry experience, so you can feel confident that our team has the knowledge necessary to help you. Give us a call today for a free consultation, or set up a time for us to inspect and repair your fire prevention system.

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