Do You Need Paint Booth Fire Protection in Longview, TX?

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Some settings are more hazardous in the event of a fire than others. Paint booths are one of these settings—by their general design and use, these booths create conditions that are prone to combustion during a fire. The chemicals used are confined to a small space, so, even with proper ventilation, these settings need careful paint booth fire protection in Longview, TX.

What locations might call for special attention with paint booth fire protection in Longview, TX? Following are a few of the settings that require careful design of systems that will protect the location and personnel in the event of a fire:

  • Vehicle paint spray booths: These booths provide a separate, clean workspace in an automotive shop to carefully apply paint to vehicles. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and may be pressurized, non-pressurized, enclosed or drive-through. No matter the design, it is important to install an appropriate system for paint booth fire protection in Longview, TX for these spray booths.
  • Open face paint spray booths: Rather than an enclosed booth, these offer a semi-open environment for painting. The booth typically pulls air through the open front and exhausts it through filters in the back wall. While the structure may offer an open design, it is still essential to create a suitable system for paint booth fire protection in Longview, TX when using these booths.
  • Prep stations: These versatile stations can be fairly open, two-sided or three-sided. They offer an area that is ideal for painting, sanding and other prep work. The station may include wall curtains to create separate enclosures. Pressurization fans are often present, as well as filtered exhaust systems. These features should be considered as you design your paint booth fire protection in Longview, TX.
  • Dip tanks: These tanks come in a variety of sizes and shapes to dip multiple small parts or large and heavy items. They typically offer dipping arms that can bear significant weight as well as deliver consistent dipping speed and accuracy. The electronic and pneumatic components as well as the paint that is involved must be taken into consideration when choosing paint booth fire protection in Longview, TX for this machinery and the surrounding area.
  • Paint lockers: Flammable liquid storage must be managed carefully. Paint lockers offer a safe and secure option for housing paint booth supplies. However, these areas must be properly protected from fire. If a fire starts here, there is much accelerant to create a dangerous situation, so be sure to provide paint booth fire protection in Longview, TX for your paint lockers.

Stay Safe

If you work with paint in an enclosed area, take the necessary steps to stay safe. Partner with the pros at Anchor Safety Inc. for paint booth fire protection in Longview, TX. We have been the area’s go-to source for fire safety since 1990. Our experienced team specializes in consultation, service, sales and installation of all fire protection systems for a full range of settings. We carry and service all major brands. Give us a call for a free estimate or consultation to enhance the fire safety of your paint booth.

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