What You Need to Know About Clean Agent Systems in Longview, TX

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Traditionally, water has been thought of as the fire suppressant solution of choice, but technology has developed significantly since the early days of fire suppression. Today, clean agent systems in Longview, TX offer businesses a water-free option that extinguishes fires quickly and effectively. If you’re looking for a new fire suppression system for your business, find out more about clean agent systems and how they can benefit your commercial property or industrial facility.

Waterless systems basics

In a lot of facilities, water-based fire suppression systems can cause harm to equipment or processes. In facilities with delicate machinery or reactive materials, waterless systems can offer superior fire suppression without the risk of water damage from traditional sprinkler systems. These waterless systems are the preferred option for a wide variety of businesses and facilities, including laboratories, server farms, telecommunications facilities, document storage facilities, test chambers and audio/visual storage rooms. Regardless of the application, these systems disperse a solution that’s designed to quickly extinguish flames without contributing to the spread of the fire or the reaction of harmful chemicals.

Types of clean agent systems

While all clean agent systems in Longview, TX deliver a waterless fire suppressant, there are different types of suppressant solutions that are used depending on the type of facility. In areas with a lot of electrical systems and equipment, clean agent systems that disperse HCFC or liquefied gas with nitrogen are ideal options that won’t leave a residue and can cut through smoke to extinguish a fire without conducting electricity. In laboratories and clean rooms, heptafluoropropane is the flame suppressant of choice. All of these options can be useful in a commercial or industrial facility, but it’s important to work with a professional who specializes in these systems to choose the option that’s right for your specific location and circumstances.

In addition to clean agent systems that are installed in your facility, you can also select clean agent fire extinguishers that offer the same properties in a portable package. These fire extinguishers are equipped with many of the same components and solutions, but they can be placed almost anywhere in your workplace for easy access and instant fire suppression. It’s a good idea to have a few of these extinguishers in your facility, in addition to a more comprehensive fire suppression solution, to minimize the risk of fire damage and ensure that you are as prepared as possible for an emergency.

Get more info about clean agent systems in Longview, TX

At Anchor Safety Inc., we know how important fire safety is for businesses, and that’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive fire suppression solutions for our customers. Regardless of the size or configuration of your facility or the specific risk factors that apply to your business, our team has the experience and knowledge to equip you with the fire safety solutions that are right for you. Find out more about everything that we have to offer and get started with a consultation and a quote by giving our team a call today.

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