Understanding Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

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While water and traditional chemical fire extinguishers have been a popular fire suppressant of choice for decades, it’s important to realize that these two options aren’t always the best way to address a blaze at your place of business or institution. In fact, many modern offices, manufacturing centers and research facilities require a more specialized approach to fire suppression technology. Today’s business world relies on sensitive equipment that could be permanently damaged or destroyed when exposed to water and chemical agents. If this applies in your situation, you may want to consider investing in clean agent systems in Longview, TX.

Clean agent fire suppression systems use chemicals that are generally harmless to computer equipment, electrical systems and other types of sensitive gear that you may use at your place of business. Clean agent fire suppression systems are completely devoid of any water, meaning that they’re safe to use on a wide range of fire types, as well.

There are a few different types of clean agent fire systems that may be well suited for your needs. All clean agent systems, however, operate by either reducing the heat of the fire, isolating oxygen and inhibiting the chain reactions that make fire possible.

Here are just some of the benefits associated with using a clean agent system:

  • Speedy: Clean agent fire suppression systems work quickly—in fact, they’re capable of eliminating a blaze in less than 10 seconds, depending on conditions. This means that you can minimize the damage caused to your site by the fire.
  • Safe: Unlike some types of extinguishing agents, clean agent systems are safe to use within proximity to people. You don’t have to worry about exposure to harmful chemicals—you can put out the blaze without worrying about causing long-term health consequences.
  • Ecologically conscious: Clean agent fire suppression chemicals are non-ozone depleting, meaning that they’re friendlier to the environment than traditional extinguisher types. They also have a very short atmospheric lifespan, meaning that they won’t cause long-term damage to your surrounding environment.
  • No cleanup: Water-based extinguishers can leave lasting water damage and propagate mold growth, while chemical extinguishers leave harmful residue that often requires extensive and costly cleanup, in addition to damaging sensitive equipment and computers. Clean agent systems, however, evaporate naturally after use.
  • Effective: Above all else, clean agent fire suppression systems are effective. In many cases, they’re simply the safest, quickest and all around best way to put out a fire. They’re also non-conductive and non-corrosive, meaning that you don’t have to worry about them causing the fire to spread.

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