How to Put Out a Grease Fire

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No matter how careful you are while cooking, there is always a chance for fires. Quick action when a fire is still small and manageable can prevent an even bigger, more destructive fire. Although a fire extinguisher should be the last resort to put out a grease fire, it’s a good idea to have a grease fire extinguisher in Longview, TX stored in or near your indoor or outdoor kitchen space. (We’ll get to this shortly.) First, let’s find out how to put out a grease fire the right way.

Grease fires that start on the stovetop can send flames high and hot in seconds. Here are the steps to take if a grease fires starts:

  • Turn off the heat source right away.
  • Leave the pot or pan right where it is. While trying to move the pot, you might accidentally splash yourself, someone else or your kitchen with scalding oil.
  • DO NOT use water on a grease fire. Pouring water on hot grease can cause the oil to splash everywhere, and may even spread the fire to other parts of the kitchen. Vaporizing water can carry grease in it, which is another way the fire can spread.
  • Fire needs oxygen to survive, so kill the flames with a cover, such as a metal pot lid or cookie baking sheet. To be sure the fire is out, leave the lid or tray on until the pot or pan has cooled down.
  • Is the grease fire small and manageable? Pour baking soda or salt on it—not flour, baking powder or other powders used for cooking—but only if the fire is small. Hopefully, this will suffocate the fire.
  • Because fire extinguishers will contaminate your kitchen, don’t spray a fire extinguisher unless it’s absolutely necessary. This can stop the fire from getting out of control, but use a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher on grease fires, and only as a last resort.

In the event that you’re unable to extinguish the fire, stop what you are doing and get out! Gather your family members and pets and exit the house immediately. Close the door behind you to contain the fire and do not re-enter the house. Call 911 once you’re out of the house and far away from the fire.

Below are some tips to help prevent grease fires. Take these into account as you’re setting up and using your kitchen:

  • Never leave food cooking on the stove unattended, whether frying, broiling, boiling or grilling. Stay in the kitchen until the cooking is done.
  • Avoid using the stovetop if you’ve been drinking alcohol, are sleepy or are occupied with other things. Cooking in the kitchen requires a majority of your attention.
  • Whether you have a gas or electric stovetop, be sure anything that can catch fire is far away from the burners, including kitchen towels, paper towels, oven mitts, cookbooks and cooking oils.
  • Keep a metal pot lid nearby while cooking just in case a grease fire starts.

If you need to purchase a grease fire extinguisher in Longview, TX or have yours inspected, contact Anchor Safety Inc. today!

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