How Are Fire Extinguishers Recharged?

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Fire extinguishers are essential pieces of fire safety equipment that should be kept in every room of your home, office or retail space. Once you have a dependable collection of fire extinguishers, however, it’s important to ensure that they’re maintained and cared for correctly. All fire extinguishers need to be regularly recharged and inspected. You need to find a qualified company capable of performing all the tasks associated with a fire extinguisher recharge in Longview, TX in order to maintain your fire prevention gear.

Your fire extinguisher should only ever be recharged by a trained, highly qualified professional. Because fire extinguishers consist of highly pressurized chemicals in a small metal canister, failure to correctly load your fire extinguisher could result in bodily harm or damage to the extinguisher itself.

Recharging a fire extinguisher is a relatively complex process. Here are just a few of the things that occur during a fire extinguisher recharge in Longview, TX:

  • Depressurization: To begin with, a qualified technician carefully depressurizes the canister. Then, the firefighting agent is removed from the canister. Many fire extinguishing agents are corrosive and toxic, so this step is performed with extreme care.
  • Cleaning and inspection: Next, the technician carefully cleans the valve and several other aspects of the canister. They visually inspect the inside and outside of the fire extinguisher to ensure that it’s not compromised anywhere important.
  • Refilling: The technician then refills the cylinder with the appropriate amount of chemical agent. The technician carefully weighs out the agent—if it’s not correctly filled, it could cause the extinguisher to not work correctly in the event its discharged.
  • Pressurization: Next, the fire extinguisher recharger will re-pressurize the cylinder. Different types of extinguishers need different types of pressurizing gas, so the technician must carefully observe the requirements of the particular extinguisher to fill it correctly.
  • Testing: Finally, the technician will perform a pressure test and a stress test to ensure that the extinguisher is shelf-safe and stable for long-term storage. They will also check the extinguisher for any potential leaks, and install a tamper pin; this will demonstrate the extinguisher’s integrity.

As you can see, there are a number of challenging steps associated with fire extinguisher maintenance. That’s why it’s important to always work with a qualified and trusted local professional to perform all of your fire safety equipment maintenance. Often, it’s advisable to turn to the company you purchased the extinguisher from for a fire extinguisher recharge in Longview, TX.

Since 1990, Anchor Safety Inc. has been a trusted provider of fire extinguisher recharges in Longview, TX. We’re proud to provide each and every one of our clients with high-quality fire safety solutions designed to help you keep your home or place of business safe. We sell and install fire safety systems capable of meeting the needs of virtually any home, business or institution. We belong to the Fire Extinguisher Distributors of Texas, the National Association of Fire Extinguishers and are fully licensed in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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