Five Types of Businesses That Need Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems in Longview, TX

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Clean agent fire suppression systems use suppressants that are not toxic to humans. They are also a favorite for businesses with expensive computers and equipment, because suppressants do not damage machine like water often does in the event of a fire or false alarm. There are businesses that are better off using these systems rather than the traditional ones that put out fires with water. Here are five business types that should invest in a clean agent fire suppression system in Longview, TX:

  • Server farms: Any business with a server farm must have a clean agent fire suppression system. This includes ISPs, data backup facilities and any business with high information technology needs. Computers and servers are often damaged beyond repair if a sprinkler system is set off through a false alarm or a fire in another part of the building. If you use clean agent suppressants, they are easy to clean up and they do not damage equipment.
  • Antique stores: Most fire suppression systems are dangerous to antiques and artifacts. If you run a high-end antique store, you can preserve your stock better in case of fire if you use a clean agent system. Like computers and expensive electrical equipment, harsh chemical or water-based suppressants will destroy your stock. It makes little difference if your business was saved from fire if you lack the inventory to reopen. Upgrading to a clean agent system increases the likelihood that you will have stock available when you’re ready to get your business up and running again.
  • Libraries: While libraries are starting to offer more online services, they are still filled with periodicals, books and newspapers. A fire starting in the wrong room can quickly become an out-of-control conflagration. Also, if you use a water-based suppression system, you may stop the fire, but you will also lose most of your collection. Clean agents work well in businesses and community centers that still rely heavily on paper. This same theory also applies to professional firms and archival centers that store documents.
  • Laboratories: Medical and testing facilities often keep chemicals that are flammable and dangerous. Many of these substances react to water, and that can make a fire much worse rather than putting it out. Using clean agents takes away this possibility. You are guaranteed a non-toxic way to put out a fire while also knowing for certain that it will most definitely be suppressed. This offers an additional layer of safety often necessary in these environments.
  • Restaurants: There are few businesses that require fire suppression systems as badly as restaurants. Busy kitchens with cooking oil splashing around are ripe for fires that can clear out a restaurant and destroy a business. Clean agents not only stop these fires, but they can do so without destroying equipment or leaving it too toxic to prepare food. Your stoves, ovens and refrigeration equipment remain sanitary if they survive the fire.

To learn more about clean agent fire suppression systems in Longview, TX and get information about installing one, contact Anchor Safety Inc. today.

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