What You Need to Know About Hood Fire Suppression Systems in Longview, TX

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One of the biggest dangers present in restaurants is the potential for fire. According to the National Restaurant Association, 57 percent of restaurant fires involve cooking equipment; this means that the use of fire suppression systems in Longview, TX is crucial in keeping your employees and property safe.

One type of system designed especially for kitchen and restaurant fires is the hood fire suppression system. These systems operate within a kitchen exhaust hood to prevent the spread of fires caused by grease or kitchen equipment. By installing one of these systems, you immediately reduce the risk of fires spreading throughout the building. To ensure your commercial kitchen remains a safe environment, you must first understand how these systems work and why they are important.

What is a hood fire suppression system?

A hood fire suppression system is installed within an exhaust hood placed over specific kitchen equipment such as stoves and grills. The nozzles for the system are fed by pipes that lead to a tank of fire suppressant chemicals located near the kitchen.

If a fire begins on the kitchen equipment, the hood suppression system will automatically activate, deploying wet chemicals directly onto the flames to smother and extinguish them. At the same time, the system will trigger an automatic shutoff for the equipment’s fuel, effectively stopping the source of the fire. To get rid of the smoke caused by the fire, the system will also activate the kitchen exhaust hood, helping to ventilate the area once the fire is completely out.

Hood fire suppression systems in Longview, TX are usually designed to automatically activate when a sensor reads above a certain temperature, or they can be activated manually. There are also other features and sizes available, so you can have these systems designed to meet your kitchen’s specific needs.

Benefits of hood suppression systems

The major benefit of installing a hood suppression system in your commercial kitchen is the ability to immediately mitigate fire safety issues that are common with kitchen equipment. However, there are additional benefits these systems can provide that help them stand apart from other fire extinguishing systems like sprinklers.

Hood-style suppression systems douse chemicals directly onto the kitchen equipment affected by fire. This helps keep the other parts of your kitchen functional and reduces the risk of ruining food being prepared in other areas of the kitchen.

Additionally, these systems deploy suppression chemicals and cut off the fuel source for the fire automatically, which helps control the fire much faster than if they were operated manually. This feature helps keep your kitchen much safer and greatly reduces the risk of the fire spreading to other areas.

Turn to Anchor Safety Inc. for effective hood suppression systems

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