What Type of Fire Extinguisher Is Right for You?

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Fire extinguishers are necessities of modern life. It’s absolutely essential to have multiple fire extinguishing agents at your home or business. Fire extinguishers are used throughout the world to safely and effectively squelch flames. Visiting a store specializing in fire extinguisher sales in Longview, TX is the best way to ensure that you are investing in a fire suppression system that meets the needs of your home or commercial property. Consulting with a qualified expert is the best way to be sure that you are installing the proper type of safety gear for you and your space.

Here are just some of the different types of fire extinguishers you may find yourself using at your residential or commercial space:

  • Water extinguishers: There are several different types of water extinguishers, and the needs presented by your space will ultimately help you to determine if a water extinguisher is right for you. Water mist extinguishers cover a wide area with small droplets, while water jet extinguishers are best suited for hot, small and intense blazes.
  • Foam extinguishers: Foam extinguishers are extremely versatile tools that can be found in many homes and businesses. They are well suited for use on both liquid fires and those fueled by petrol and other accelerants. They are also extremely adept at putting out blazes feeding off of solid fuels, including wood.
  • Powder extinguishers: These are similarly versatile extinguishers, similar to foam fire suppression systems. Powder extinguishers are known for their ability to dispatch electrical fires. They do have their drawbacks, however. Powder extinguishers don’t cool the fire down directly, and they also may cause a loss of visibility when used.
  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers: Perfectly suited for use around sensitive equipment, carbon dioxide extinguishers are commonly found in office environments with lots of computers. Carbon dioxide extinguishers work by starving the fire of its oxygen, essentially putting it out without leaving any residue.
  • Wet chemical extinguishers: Wet chemical extinguishers are best suited for restaurant kitchens and other places with lots of hot fats and oils. Wet chemical extinguishers use a complex chemical process to instantly cool the burning oil and turn it into a soap-like substance that prevents the blaze from igniting again.
  • Fire blankets: Fire blankets are essential pieces of safety equipment for many commercial kitchens and similar operations. Fire blankets are used primarily to extinguish hot oil fires. They can also be used to put out clothing that may be on fire. Fire blankets starve the fire of oxygen, essentially smothering it.

Since 1990, Anchor Safety Inc. has been the premier source of fire extinguisher sales in Longview, TX. We are proud to sell fire safety equipment that meets the needs of a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential spaces. We are proud to provide each and every one of our customers with the tools they need to keep their space safe and successful. Reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today to learn more about our full range of fire suppression products!

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